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A Weekend of Mindful Wellness

September 19-22, 2019
Asheville, NC

Join me in Asheville, North Carolina for a long weekend just for you. If you are feeling tired and disconnected from moving from task to task and never feeling as if you are truly present and fully living your life, then this retreat is for you. This weekend, you will rest and renew, spend time alone and in community, practice Yoga, and learn mindfulness tools you can use on a daily basis. Inspired by my book , A Year of Mindful Wellness, my vision is to help retreaters to be able to experience, create, and feel more; to learn how to do less and accomplish more; to breathe more and stress less, to feel better and be healthier, and to understand that each of us is whole and complete and enough, just as we are.


Being Well Yoga offers workshops that utilize Yoga concepts to enhance your effectiveness in all areas of your life. Our workshop series launched May 7, 2011 with Yoga and Authentic Communication in the Workplace and was a big success! Marketing and Communication for Yoga Teachers is a key part of Teacher Training. Yoga for Communication has been presented at the Austin Yoga Conference as well as at various Austin companies. Come see how Yoga can help you become more effective both on and off the mat!

2020 Foresight Vision:

Intro Mindful Resilience, Clarity and Strength
for a New Decade

Saturday, January 25 , 10 am - 4 pm

My Yoga Barn, Cedar Creek, Texas (near Bastrop)

It’s not just a new year, it’s a new decade!

How do you “see” yourself heading into the new year?  It is often said that hindsight is 20/20; however, with some mindful practices and intention-setting, you can have 20/20 foresight—that is, clarity and a great vision for the year ahead.

Join Lisa Feder, for a day-long retreat at My Yoga Barn, in Cedar Creek, Texas.  Inspired by her book A Year of Mindful Wellness, and her passion for iRest Yoga Nidra, we will approach the new year and decade in a fresh way.  We don’t need to fix ourselves because we aren’t broken.  However, a new perspective can help us move forward in ways that will develop resilience, clarity, and strength for a fun and fulfilling year.

 We will use the 10-step iRest Yoga Nidra format to set up our discussion and practices. iRest Yoga Nidra is an accessible and healing form of guided meditation, relaxation, and inquiry. iRest supports the regulation of the nervous system, and clarity of body, mind, and heat.  It helps us cultivate resilience for life. 

There will be gentle movement, time in nature, time to journal, time to share, and time to be silent.  Our main practices will be of meditative inquiry in which we will listen to any messengers arriving in the form of thoughts, sensations, and energy.

This retreat is open to everyone, and no Yoga experience is necessary. The intention is to share practices and tools that will encourage deep relaxation and a sense of mindful wellness that will go with you from the retreat into your daily life.  You will learn to access your inner peace, even in stressful situations and have a plan to maintain perspective and balance, no matter what challenges come your way. 

A day to retreat, just far enough away from home, and for just enough time, to truly take a pause and take care of yourself.  You will have the tools and practices to move you into the new year and decade with foresight, resilience, clarity, and strength!

Please bring:

  • A journal and pen
  • Your Yoga mat (if you don’t have one, please let me know)
  • A “brown bag” lunch. Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day
  • A refillable water bottle
  • Closed-toe walking shoes

Workshop is full!

Message Lisa to join wait list.

  • Wear comfortable clothing with some layers to adjust for warmth or coolness
  • This day retreat is appropriate for all ages and levels. No previous Yoga experience is necessary.
  • Limited to 15 participants.
  • Early bird pricing through January 8, $95.
    After January 8th, $108.

Price includes a copy of Lisa’s book,
“A Year of Mindful Wellness.”

Lisa, ERYT-500, has been teaching Yoga for over 15 years. She has studied extensively with a wonderful group of teachers from all over the world. She loves mindful movement, and believes that Yoga is accessible to everyone; the practice will meet you where you are. She teaches public classes in studios in Austin, and brings Yoga and mindful classes and workshops on site to businesses and events. She has certifications and intensive study in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, Chakra Awakening, Viniyoga, and Yin Yoga She recently completed her certification in iRest Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a process of meditative self-inquiry derived from the teachings of Yoga. Yoga comprises a vast array of techniques designed to bring about first-hand knowing of who and what you actually are when you are free of psychological, cultural and philosophical conditioning. iRest is designed to make the healing benefits of yogic and meditative practices accessible to a wide variety of people. She has compiled much of her experience in her first book “A Year of Mindful Wellness” in which she guides readers to bring presence and mindfulness into their daily lives.

“My Yoga Barn”  is a community space for healing arts in Cedar Creek, Texas, 20 minutes east of Austin and 10 minutes west of downtown Bastrop.  The Yoga space is 800 square feet with two outdoor decks for socializing or sun salutations.  The barn is surrounded by 10 wooded acres of Oak, Cedar, and Holly and through these trees, we have access to soft earthen trails to “forest bathe” in meditation. Park your car leaving your worries behind as you take the trail to the Barn. We offer weekly Yoga classes and fun weekend celebrations promoting health and wellness with local partners, small business owners, and women entrepreneurs.  Our online presence is all about  “Growing and Eating Plants in Yoga Pants” which is Rebecca Birdwell’s adventures in homesteading through farming, cooking homegrown seasonal plant-based dishes, participating in yoga and meditation as a student and a teacher-ultimately living and sharing a simplistic healthy lifestyle.

2020 Foresight Vision:
Intro Mindful Resilience, Clarity and Strength for a New Decade

Sunday, April 14, 1 - 3 pm

Beginning May 6th, LISA FEDER will be teaching our Sunday 5:15pm Yin & Yoga Nidra class. This workshop is meant to introduce beginners and help current practitioners develop a deeper understanding of these two complimentary styles of practice.

The intention of Yoga is to calm the restless mind for the purpose of human uplift. If that sounds good to you, please join us for this workshop in which we explore two approaches to the Yoga practice that work with the body and the mind in a quiet environment where we can still the thoughts and de-stress the body and the mind.

Yin Yoga is a slow practice that improves flexibility, calms the mind, build resilience and self-knowledge. Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation and meditation technique, that leaves us feeling fully rested, yet alert. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation and inquiry that helps us deeply relax, loosen the grip on unhealthy habits and patterns and regain perspective.

This workshop will introduce newbies to these deeply relaxing and restoring practices, and help current practitioners enrich their understanding and refine their practice. No experience necessary, reserve your spot today!

Love From Our Stress Management Workshop Attendees

  • Mindful at Work
  • You Got This! Stress Management Series
  • Happy Feet
  • Mindful Communication
  • Mindful Stress Management
  • Mindful 101
  • Mindful Nourishment
  • Mindful Media Detox
  • Yoga for Stress Relief
  • Breath Practices for Stress Relief

Appreciation From Our New Years Day Workshop

Attitude of Gratitude

With Lisa and Janice

Saturday, November 17, 4:30 – 6:30pm
Studio Mantra

The holidays are a time to give thanks and count our blessings. Yet at this time of year you may be so busy, that stress begins to take the place of enjoyment. If you would like to reconnect to the abundance of your heart, we invite you to join us for this workshop. We will open our hearts, physically and energetically, so that you can experience joy and gratitude in this holiday season…and beyond!

Janice and Lisa are friends and “yoga sisters” who have practiced and traveled together over the years. From handstands on the beach, to raising their families, they have found that teaching and practicing Yoga keeps them balanced and sane. They teach with compassion, humor, and above all, joy. Their work with gratitude practices has taught them that there is nothing like an open heart to make everything better!

All levels welcome.

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