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The Best "Go-To"
The Best "Go-To"Shannon Mantrom, Executive Director at Launch Pad Job Club
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Lisa spoke to our organization, Launch Pad Job Club, to kick off the new year on the right note. The combination of her previous life in the business world — and knowing what stressors accompany such work — alongside her deep dive into wholistic practices, makes Lisa the best “go to” for those stressed out while seeking employment and for companies seeking a way to both de-stress their teams and bring them together.

Her straightforward means of communication shared in a calm voice (without coming across as “woo-woo”), coupled with her action plan to help better understand what triggers us and how to best mediate those issues, is yet another reason any company, organization or even individual seeking a more zen state daily should reach out to Lisa for her expertise.

She’s also just a really cool person.

Highly Recommend
Highly RecommendMadeline Fortino, Levelset
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I would highly recommend Lisa and Being Well Yoga for any business looking to incorporate wellness and mindfulness in their employee’s routines. Lisa’s mindfulness sessions in particular have been so helpful to our team, offering the chance to reset and refocus in tough times. When I first started working with Lisa, I was looking to add some yoga and mindfulness sessions to our team rhythms in our Austin office. We really wanted to add some events that would keep the team engaged, and give them something fun to look forward to that wasn’t just after work happy hours or trivia nights. We had just …

… started to get a few sessions booked when the coronavirus pandemic completely changed our business. My team’s lives and work routines were altered completely. We needed reliable, insightful, and purposeful wellness activities more than ever, and we needed to do them virtually.

Lisa was so adaptable and fantastic to work with while we got a mindfulness session rhythm in place as the team went completely virtual and continued to work from home. Lisa’s sessions are highly regarded with our team, and something they look forward to each month. The feedback I’ve received after Lisa’s sessions has been so positive and resilient, such as a team member in sales letting me know that Lisa’s mindfulness session helped her focus that day and achieve her work goals that week. I also have several leaders who join her sessions each month, and actively promote attending to their team because they realize how valuable they are. We wouldn’t have received that kind of buy-in from our team and leadership without such high quality mindfulness sessions and expert instruction from Lisa.

Lisa’s been a pleasure to work with, always being very communicative with me about scheduling, and being both professional and warm to our employees who join her sessions. She always offers valuable talking points during her sessions to help our team get through the busiest, most stressful times, and I’ve heard members of our team reference those talking points throughout their busy workday. I’m so thankful to have found Being Well Yoga and to have met Lisa. She’s brought some radically positive effects to our wellness efforts at Levelset, and I can’t wait to continue growing wellness initiatives at our company with Lisa’s help!

Multi-level Yoga Session
Multi-level Yoga SessionRachel Spence Siegel, Director of Operations & Engagement at the Fair Trade Federation
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Lisa lead a fun, multi-level yoga session at our annual conference this year. In working with her, she was communicative, prompt, and professional. Our attendees enjoyed her session!

CustomizedAudrey Nimmo, MS, LMT, CKTP; Chief Executive Officer, The Organic Body Mechanic, LLC
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I have been attending Lisa Feder’s yoga class since October 2013. As a group instructor, Lisa is calculated in her approach to each session. She checks in with all of the participants to understand their injuries or limitations. From the perspective of a massage therapist and personal trainer that works primarily in pain management therapies, I truly respect her approach of caution and safety. She makes it a point to attend to the vast majority of the needs of each class group. I cannot tell you how many times after group sessions that she has received compliments and that I have overheard other participants saying “that is exactly what I needed,” or “I feel so good now.” In conjunction with …

… group sessions with Lisa, I have had a few one on one sessions with her. Each session was customized to exactly what my body needed. She is intelligent, intuitive, and honestly, she could do this with her eyes closed! She incorporates Western approaches to long-standing Ayurvedic systems to health and wellness. Lisa integrates anatomy and physiology information into each session. I believe most everyone walks away from each session with a better understanding of their body and lifelong lessons for better health and wellbeing. She is consistent in her methodology and I know that by the end of a session I will hear her say the words, “relax, restore, and just be.” Lisa is a true teacher and I recommend her yoga services to novices and aficionados alike.

Recommend for Team Event
Recommend for Team EventTara Miller, Sr. Content Development Program Manager, Tableau
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Being Well Yoga did a corporate stretching and mindful breathing class for us during a team meeting. Lisa carefully listened to my vision for the class and Kimberly implemented it beautifully – even in the limited hotel conference room space ! Everyone in my group enjoyed the practice and the reminder of the peace and focus yoga can bring to a day. I would highly recommend Lisa and her team for your next team event.

Skilled Teaching
Skilled TeachingJanice Friesen, Patient Technology Trainer for non-Geeks
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Lisa is the best Yoga instructor that I have ever had. She combines the spirituality with the physical in a meaningful way. Each yoga session is fresh. The most important thing I think is that she always emphasizes that it is your own practice and so you should listen to your own body and find your own edge. She is skilled in teaching groups with varied experience. 

One of the Most Knowledgeable Teachers
One of the Most Knowledgeable TeachersBrooke Bulow, Seasoned strategic communicator and marketer
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Lisa is one of the most knowledgeable yoga teachers with whom I have practiced. My mind, body and spirit have changed after practicing with her for several years. Through Lisa’s teaching, I can better take my yoga practice off the mat and back into my world of family, friends and work.

Kind and Supportive
Kind and SupportiveKelle Hand, Sr. Sales Trainer / Instructor at Amazon Web Services
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Lisa really listens to understand the results you desire and then makes it happen. She is kind and supportive, yet very strong. She will develop a program that fits the needs of the individual or corporation and then yields fantastic results. I highly recommend Lisa as a Yoga teacher, a Fitnesss Coach or to build an entire Wellness Program for your company that makes your organization more healthy and productive!