Lisa really listens to understand the results you desire and then makes it happen. She is kind and supportive, yet very strong. She will develop a program that fits the needs of the individual or corporation and then yields fantastic results. I highly recommend Lisa as a Yoga teacher, a Fitnesss Coach or to build an entire Wellness Program for your company that makes your organization more healthy and productive!

Kelle Hinckley-Hand

Director Of Business Development at Apogee, Inc.

Lisa is a patient, truly caring yoga teacher! She has a unique ability to identify your threshold and encourage you to push your limits, but only just slightly past your comfort level. This approach leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment, where other typical yoga instructors seem to just scratch the surface by concentrating solely on form or poses. I would highly recommend Lisa as a corporate yoga instructor because I have left her classes with a sense of well-being, focus and rejuvenation that have increased my work productivity and reduced my stress.

Allison Schwartz

Your one-stop marketing department!

Lisa is the best Yoga instructor that I have ever had. She combines the spirituality with the physical in a meaningful way. Each yoga session is fresh. The most important thing I think is that she always emphasizes that it is your own practice and so you should listen to your own body and find your own edge. She is skilled in teaching groups with varied experience.

Janice Friesen

Patient Technology Trainer for non-Geeks

I have been attending Lisa Feder’s yoga class since October 2013. As a group instructor, Lisa is calculated in her approach to each session. She checks in with all of the participants to understand their injuries or limitations. From the perspective of a massage therapist and personal trainer that works primarily in pain management therapies, I truly respect her approach of caution and safety. She makes it a point to attend to the vast majority of the needs of each class group. I cannot tell you how many times after group sessions that she has received compliments and that I have overheard other participants saying “that is exactly what I needed,” or “I feel so good now.” In conjunction with group sessions with Lisa, I have had a few one on one sessions with her. Each session was customized to exactly what my body needed. She is intelligent, intuitive, and honestly, she could do this with her eyes closed! She incorporates Western approaches to long-standing Ayurvedic systems to health and wellness. Lisa integrates anatomy and physiology information into each session. I believe most everyone walks away from each session with a better understanding of their body and lifelong lessons for better health and wellbeing. She is consistent in her methodology and I know that by the end of a session I will hear her say the words, “relax, restore, and just be.” Lisa is a true teacher and I recommend her yoga services to novices and aficionados alike.

Audrey Nimmo, MS, LMT, CKTP

CEO at The Organic Body Mechanic, LLC

I’ve been a yoga student of Lisa’s since 2008, and have also attended her Yoga for Effective Communication workshop. I came to Lisa’s yoga as a classes initially to regain the mobility and strength that I had lost after many years of sitting at a computer in a cube. Lisa taught me to examine both my physical movement patterns and my mental patterns. The awareness I’ve learned from her allows me the ease to work more efficiently. I’ve also learned how to be more present in the moment, and how to listen to others. These skills has been invaluable to me in my career. I have recommended her classes to many of colleagues.

Kevin Taggart

Digital Library Services Specialist, OCLC

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