Smiling Eyes and Open Hearts: An Irish Yoga Adventure
with Lisa and Rebecca

October 4 – October 10, 2020

Delphi Valley, Ireland

Close your eyes for a minute & call to mind something that makes you smile. No really, try it! Close your eyes & think of a person or experience, or something that brings a smile to your face. Just the thought might make the corners of your mouth lift up slightly, and you may find yourself feeling a bit happier, a bit lighter! Let yourself feel that joy for a minute.

When our lives become busy, sometimes we don’t make time to connect with others and find our smiles. We may be leading our lives from our heads rather than our hearts, which may leave us feeling stressed and disconnected. When that happens, the world seems less kind, and we may feel like something is missing.

Lisa and Rebecca find great joy in traveling the world and discovering new, magical places to host you for yoga, smiles, exploration, and healing. Deep within the wilderness of Connemara and South Mayo, there are breathtaking mountain vistas and brilliant views of the banks of the Bundorragha River, just waiting for you to visit. In October of 2020, escape to Western Ireland for a week of yoga and meditation, reflection and connection, and plenty of time to relax and reclaim your joy.

Days will be gingerly anchored by sunrise and late afternoon yoga and meditation practices to nourish the body and soul. These practices will support you in tuning in to your mind and heart, and allowing space for you to experience them just as they are, without judgement. We will reignite the spirit of kindness and compassion for ourselves and for others, co-creating a heart-centered community for all to have space to explore inner and outer landscapes. We will cultivate balance in all things—activity and rest, time alone and time together, time to connect to mother earth and time to connect to our own inner wisdom.

There will be ample opportunity to explore and play, on your own and with others. In addition to our group yoga and meditation practices, the resort boasts of beautiful hiking trails and adventures such as kayaking, archery, and zip-lining. And if you prefer a more pampered experience, you can relax and unwind in the award-winning spa. This is YOUR time to spend as you wish, to provide yourself with much-needed care and kindness.

Here are some glimpses of past retreats.
Retreats are a wonderful way to care for yourself.
They give you time and space to rest, renew, regroup,
focus, balance,and uncover your inner peace and joy!

A Weekend of Mindful Wellness, Asheville, September 2019

om garden
om yoga room
om retreat centre

Spain, Summer 2019

Costa Rica, Fall 2018

Italy, 2018

Costa Rica, 2017

Guatemala, 2016

Costa Rica, 2016


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