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Pause with Purpose

Inner guidance in trying times.

Here we are headed into the second month of 2021. After the initial excitement of turning some important pages, things don’t feel so fresh and new. We know that the road ahead is long and still uncertain. We don’t know when life will return to “normal”, whatever that means. 

Like all of us, I’ve had some good days and some bad days so far this year. I’m leaning on daily rituals that create a supportive flow of energy from morning until evening. And trying to stay connected, from a distance, to family and friends. My Zoom classes continue to provide me with community and accountability, and I have time to explore some new projects—sometimes with enthusiasm, and sometimes after a lot of procrastination.

Quiet Space to Pause

I’ve learning to appreciate the quiet space that the new “not-so-normal” presents, and spend more time reading, journaling and walking than ever before. I have taken the opportunity to commit to a more consistent morning meditation practice as well. It provides me with a morning ritual, which is really helpful in creating a launchpad for the day; which often lacks the structure of my pre-pandemic days.

When I teach, I speak about meditation as a “pause button” for life. We take a break from all that we do and allow ourselves the opportunity to just be. These moments of “being” provide us with some perspective—we are something beyond the latest crisis or drama that we are dealing with. 

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And with perspective we remember that this storm will pass, and we will still “be” here. For me, this quiet, mostly home-based life of the past 10 months has provided an extended pause that help to put my activities into a broader perspective. And this perspective has given me a chance to look not just at what I do each day, but why I do it.

Inner Inquiry

In iRest Yoga Nidra, which is my go-to meditation practice, there is a step in which we tune into “heartfelt mission”. This is an inner inquiry into purpose, something we don’t always stop and consider when we are busy working towards our goals or achievements, or sometimes, even just getting through the day. 

These days I have more time to spend in this inquiry. I ask myself questions about what I’m compelled to do, what is it that I long for more than anything, what is the impact I am making with my life. I consider my path, and I remember times when I felt completely at ease and in harmony with the flow of life. I notice where I feel the wisdom that arises from the inquiry. What feels easeful, what feels dynamic, what feels draining, what feels natural?


At this point, you may be expecting me to share with you a perfectly articulated expression of my purpose. Well, I don’t have that for you. I do, however, have more clarity and connection with my path, and it continues to evolve with consistency of inquiry and practice.

On New Year’s Eve I made a vision board, which is really more of an “ambient mood board” for how I want to be as I continue to explore purpose. It was fun and motivating. Check out my vision board for 2021 and you’ll get a sense of what’s been coming up for me. Oh yes, a vision board is a great project for capturing the tone and spirit of your purpose!

Lisa's Vision Board for 2021

So, as we hunker down for a little bit longer, consider what you might explore in this pause, and, as always, just be open to that wisdom that lies within.

I’d love to hear your perspective, and what is present for you as we continue into 2021. And, if you create a vision board, I would love to see a picture of it!

Be Well. ~Lisa

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