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Reinvigorate Your Practice

Lunch and Learn MeditationWell, hello there! It’s been a minute since my last newsletter. Since then, the summer has flown by, and now we are on the precipice of a new season, once again. I hope you had a full and fulfilling summer. There’s been a lot to navigate…and we thought we were ready to be back to “normal”, as if there is such a thing, ha! With the constant barrage of jarring news, we are often left feeling ungrounded, demoralized, and exhausted. We may find ourselves feeling consistently stressed when the world seems to perpetually be in a state of upheaval.

As many of your reading this already know, a consistent mindfulness practice, such as Yoga or meditation can help us weather the barrage of challenges that we encounter daily. If you had a regular practice before the pandemic, chances are you had to find a new schedule, class or ritual due to lockdowns, studio closings and other disruptions. You may have found a new way of practicing, and I hope you did. But you may still be mourning what you lost over this time. I know I am in so many ways. I miss the studios and classes that anchored my days. I miss Yogi tea and lingering after class to chat with students.

These changes, while hard, can present an opportunity to revisit how your Yoga practice supports you, and then create your new rituals and routines based on that. If you are not practicing in the way you used to, what is it that you miss, and what would like to explore now?

Based on your intention for the practice in general, you can rebuild your practice in the way that best suits your life now—just as it is, and just as you are.w

Rebuilding Your Practice

Here are 4 questions to consider as you rebuild your practice in a way that supports you and is sustainable:

  1. Ask yourself, “How does the practice help or support me”, or “Why do I practice?” See what comes up when you ask this, and notice what feels most important.
  2. Based on your response in #1, what type of practice would you like to experience? Do you want to practice alone, in a group, or some combination? What flavor of physical practice will best serve you now? What elements of movement, pranayama (breathwork) and quiet inquiry do you seek?
  3. What are the best times for you to practice? How much time do you have for your practice? What time commitment are you willing to make?
  4. What support systems do you need to set up? This may involve an accountability buddy, or support from your partner or family to ensure you have the time you need.

Once you have a plan, go forward. No need to overthink it –after all, it’s Yoga, whose intention is to keep us from getting lost in our thoughts! And let it unfold and be enough. Enjoy it and continue to incorporate it into your life, in whatever form it takes.

Retreat Costa Rica

And, please, let me know how it’s going. If it feels in the flow of your practice, please join me for a class or on a retreat!

Be Well. ~Lisa

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