March On

Seasons of Change

My very favorite silver lining of the pandemic has been teaching the streaming Tuesday/Thursday Sunrise Flow class. It started as a test, and then became a community. It created a sense of routine during a tumultuous start, and a touchstone for the day. We woke up, logged on, and got grounded together. Together, we weathered Zoom issues, microphone and lighting tests, and even actual storms. We celebrated birthdays and met each other’s pets. I was able to reconnect with students, friends, and family from across the country, and deepen my connection to them with regular contact. I had a reason to get up and get out of my pajamas. Through the course of nearly 2 years, people came and went, and mostly stayed. Many began with the “launch” of the community and have practiced more regularly than ever before.

Connecting Again

Lately I have been longing for more “in person” teaching and connecting. I think there will always be a place for streaming classes, and, now that I have all of the equipment and set up, I love having that as an option. I’ve decided to let go of the Sunrise Flow classes for now, to make space for what that teaching and connecting looks like. I’m taking a year to study the breath in. a Pranayama course with my teacher, Richard Miller, and already am eager to bring that forward in classes and workshops. I am thrilled to be back to retreating, beginning with Ireland in May. I’ve got some new ideas for corporate mindfulness programs that I am fleshing out. So, there’s a lot brewing, and I will keep you posted.

Enjoying New Ways

I loved learning a new way of teaching. I am amazed that I actually figured out all of the technology that supports virtual classes. I love that in some corporate classes we have participants Zooming in from other countries. I think it’s cool that class can be any length of time, from 20 minutes to several hours. I enjoy seeing comments fly into the chat box. I am still always sad when I log off and am alone again after teaching a class.

Making Things Work

So, Iet’s take this with us: There are ways to make things work. We can adapt to change. We can commit to a regular practice. Community is wherever we make it.

Since the pandemic began, I have been consistent in sending out monthly newsletters. Moving forward, you will hear from me when there is news to tell. Please keep in touch, and 

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Be Well. ~Lisa

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