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Learn from the Teachers within you, finding your way, nature scene from New Mexico

Learn from the Teachers Within and Around You

It has been quite a strange back-to-school season. On-site or on-line? In person, or remote? We are finding our way. And there is a newfound appreciation for teachers—our unsung heroes. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about teachers these days. With the passing of RBG, and all the tributes to her, I was struck by how much she taught those around her, every day, by the strength of her convictions and actions. In the current environment, I’ve been thinking about how much the pandemic has to teach us, about our well-being, individually, and as a global community. 

I have spent more time outside and have allowed nature to be a teacher or patience and persistence. And, I’ve been using my often very strong reactions to the political landscape to teach me about what is really important to me.

The Teacher Within

In Yoga, the role of the teacher is to awaken the teacher within the student. No one is really “taught” by another; it is the role of the teacher to awaken the student to the wisdom that is already present. The student learns to explore the inner landscape and listen deeply to intuition, rather than looking for answers from others, or outside of themselves.

Nature is a Beautiful Teacher

The pandemic has posed so many challenges to us all. It has also presented some opportunities. One is the time and space to turn inward, and to begin to cultivate the teacher within. 

When we look outside, especially these days, things are very confusing, polarized, and politicized. Now, more than ever, is the time to tune in to your inner teacher, to experience your true nature and ground of being, and to understand your sankalpa, or heartfelt purpose. And from there, trusting the guidance within, you can take action for good.

Let me know how you are learning from your teacher within.

Be Well. ~Lisa


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