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Being Well Yoga offers workshops that utilize Yoga concepts to enhance your effectiveness in all areas of your life.

Sample Workshop Topics

  • Mindful at Work
  • You Got This! Stress Management Series
  • Happy Feet
  • Mindful Communication
  • Mindful Stress Management
  • Mindful 101
  • Mindful Nourishment
  • Mindful Media Detox
  • Yoga for Stress Relief
  • Breath Practices for Stress Relief
Yoga Workshop

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I love bringing this type of event to places and people where we spend some time in movement, in contemplation, and then we get to experience a little bit of creativity.
Lisa Feder, Owner, Being Well Yoga
Lisa Feder
Owner, Being Well Yoga

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The Perfect Mix
The Perfect MixCatherine
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The day was great. It was the perfect mix of thinking, feeling, and doing. I feel completely calm, stress free and confident the tools I learned today will stay with me.
Manage Stress
Manage StressJim K.
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Great workshop! You guys showed me many facets of what causes stress in my life – some hidden and some obvious. Then, I learned the tools to manage that stress.


Retreats are a wonderful way to care for yourself. They give you time and space to rest, renew, regroup, focus, balance, and uncover your inner peace and joy!

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Exceeded My Expectations
Exceeded My ExpectationsLiza
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Lisa and Dana’s yoga retreat exceeded my expectations—I knew I would get the opportunity to practice yoga in a beautiful and exotic setting. What I didn’t anticipate was that as the week progressed a supportive community would develop as our shared adventure connected us to the retreat center and each other. Our leaders guided us with care and purpose, nourishing the physical and spiritual. We were given an opportunity to silence our inner critics for a week and open our hearts to the experience of being close to nature and each other. Often during yoga class, the teacher tells you to set an intention and take it with you throughout your day. However, once I walk out of class, somehow that intention dissipates as reality takes over. On the yoga retreat, keeping that intention throughout the day became possible and being surrounded by other yogis who were holding on to their intentions created an atmosphere of calm and well-being. It was a magical and meaningful week.
Exactly What I Needed
Exactly What I NeededLee
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The yoga retreat was exactly what I needed for my personal renewal. Lisa and Dana provided a safe and nurturing space for me to practice yoga and bond with a wonderful group of women. The location was beautiful and relaxing along the Pacific Ocean with all the wonders of Costa Rica. To be able to wake up to the sounds of monkeys and view the setting sun while practicing yoga will be forever etched in my mind.Thank you for this wonderful experience, Lisa and Dana.
A Magical Experience
A Magical ExperienceJeana T.
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Lisa and Dana’s retreat was a special and magical experience. 20+ women who were mostly strangers on day 1 were deeply bonded by day 7. Lisa and Dana created a space for all of us to look within and trust our own wisdom, and to support each other in the process. We laughed and cried, sweated profusely, and generally had a great time. Two months later I still am thrilled to see my Costa Rica sisters in class and can still pick out their voices in a class chant.
Spectacularly Crafted
Spectacularly CraftedLeigh S.
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This retreat was spectacularly crafted to offer all who attended the space to open within and also connect with an amazing group of like-minded, strong, powerful women. The teachings offered took us on an internal journey in a most magnificent setting of nature and were beautifully woven together with inspiration and life lessons. We were pampered in lovely accommodations with delicious meals and every detail mindfully tended. All of the women with whom I have stayed connected with since returning home have struggled to put into words the magnitude of this experience. We were fortunate enough to get a real taste of the essence of Costa Rica, or more simply put… Pura Vida! Thank you Lisa, Dana and True Nature for the adventure of a lifetime!

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