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Happy Pandemic-versary

What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been

Life with Covid-19 has been a reality for a year now. You might know the specific date when you understood that life was about to change, or you may have come to it a little more gradually. I remember thinking it was weird, but it couldn’t possibly be as bad as it seemed. When a corporate client reached out to say they were closing the office, I responded that I understood and would reach out in a couple of weeks to get classes going again. Well, hahaha on me. Haha.

We are having this anniversary and we are still fully “in” it. You are likely having all the feelings, ranging from optimism to grief. We are still in “maximum uncertainty” which is often more stressful than even knowing something bad is definitely going to happen. The “not knowing” is worse. If you know something bad is definitely going to happen you can make a plan for it. But ugh, the uncertainty. It’s just so…uncertain…

Ways to Mark the Anniversary​


Create a ritual to mark this milestone.

Rituals help us honor our lives. This can be anything that is meaningful to you. It can be done alone or (safely) in community.

Photo by Анна Орлова from Pexels

Here are a few ideas to consider:

    1. Write a letter to yourself about your experience this year
    2. Make a special meal for yourself or those in your household or pod
    3. Have a dance party alone or via Zoom or safely distanced outdoors
    4. Take a day of silent reflection
    5. Go for a walk or hike, taking time to smell the roses and really feel the experience
    6. Create some art that represents the year

Reflect on all that has been lost and all that has been gained during this time.

You can do this as a journaling exercise, a meditation, a group discussion, a collage, or anything that helps you take a look at the experience and give yourself time to experience it.


Based on all that you have experienced this year, how do you want to move forward?

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

Most of us changed many of our regular habits during this year. Most of what I do now, I do differently than before the pandemic. The way that I work changed. The way that I eat changed. The way that I practice Yoga changed. The way that I socialized changed. Travel changed. The way I use my leisure time changed. The pace of my life changed. And on and on.

Some of those changes were very hard, and I am still grieving. Some of those changes were quite positive, and because of that, I do not want to go back to “normal”. I want to take what I have learned to live with more gratitude, at a slightly slower pace, and eating healthier food with appreciation.

While I miss seeing people, I want to continue to offer streaming classes where I can see students from around the world. I want to savor my time with friends and family. I want to allow time to do nothing, because I really enjoyed that this year.

One of the very, very best things that happened for me this year was my morning Sunrise Flow class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Last April, I just thought I’d take a shot at offering 30-minute classes, streaming from my home, asking students to pay and commit to month at a time. This has developed into a community that is my touchstone for the week, and a very consistent practice for my students who login from coast-to-coast. I’ve reconnected with family and friends in a very special way through this class. And so I definitely want to incorporate this into my “going forward” life.

So, I am wishing you a meaningful anniversary, and would love to hear about how you how you are marking this occasion.

Be Well. ~Lisa

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