Being Well Yoga with Lisa

A Year of Mindful Wellness

Do you feel that you are so busy doing that you are not fully living? If you are tired of moving from task to task and not feeling like you are getting the most out of life, this book can help you be present, so that you can fully experience all that life has to offer, and all that you have to offer life!

You will learn how to determine your daily activities, rather than feeling controlled by your work, your habits, or your relationships. You will learn to breathe and move in harmony with your body’s needs. You will have more energy to spend on those activities that make you feel most alive. You will learn resilience and how to bounce back from life’s challenges.

Your guide to Mindful Wellness covers twelve topics, one for each month, so you can commit to a year of positive change, with habits you will take with you for the rest of your life.

A Year of Mindful Wellness

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