Enhance your overall well-being
through Yoga and Mindfulness

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Enhance Your Overall Well-Being
Through Yoga and mindfulness

A healthy balance. That feeling of being well. You want to bring these things back into your life. Yet, with your busy schedule, and the endless demands you have on your time, it’s hard to make healthy choices and take care of yourself. We get it.

You need to hit the “pause” button and reconnect to yourself on a level that brings you some calm perspective and allows to you just take a deep breath. Then you can begin to let go of habits that keep you from this balance and begin to incorporate those that actually enhance your well-being.

That’s where Being Well Yoga comes in. Our classes and programs help you find focus, manage stress and improve your flexibility and strength. This leads to more ease in the body and the mind, so that you can be more effective–in all aspects of your life.

Corporate Yoga

Workshops & Retreats
Public & Private Classes

Corporate Yoga

Workshops & Retreats
Public & Private Classes

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Intro to Yin & Yoga Nidra

Sunday, April 14, 1 - 3 pm

Beginning May 6th, LISA FEDER will be teaching our Sunday 5:15pm Yin & Yoga Nidra class. This workshop is meant to introduce beginners and help current practitioners develop a deeper understanding of these two complimentary styles of practice.

The intention of Yoga is to calm the restless mind for the purpose of human uplift. If that sounds good to you, please join us for this workshop in which we explore two approaches to the Yoga practice that work with the body and the mind in a quiet environment where we can still the thoughts and de-stress the body and the mind.

Yin Yoga is a slow practice that improves flexibility, calms the mind, build resilience and self-knowledge. Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation and meditation technique, that leaves us feeling fully rested, yet alert. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation and inquiry that helps us deeply relax, loosen the grip on unhealthy habits and patterns and regain perspective.

This workshop will introduce newbies to these deeply relaxing and restoring practices, and help current practitioners enrich their understanding and refine their practice. No experience necessary, reserve your spot today!

A Weekend of Mindful Wellness

September 19-22, 2019 Asheville, NC

Om Sanctuary

Join me in Asheville, North Carolina for a long weekend just for you. If you are feeling tired and disconnected from moving from task to task and never feeling as if you are truly present and fully living your life,
then this retreat is for you.

This weekend, you will rest and renew, spend time alone and in community, practice Yoga, and learn mindfulness tools you can use on a daily basis. Inspired by my book, A Year of Mindful Wellness, my vision is to help retreaters to be able to experience, create, and feel more; to learn how to do less and accomplish more; to breathe more and stress less, to feel better and be healthier, and to understand that each of us is whole and complete
and enough, just as we are.

Come As You Are: Spain Yoga Retreat

June 9th – 15th, 2019 Almeria, Spain

Come As You Are; relax, explore, and practice yoga and meditation in Southern Spain.

See yourself arriving at a luxury eco-resort, surrounded by orchards, olive groves,
gardens, and fountains. Imagine sweeping views of mountains and
the Mediterranean, free from noise and light pollution.

You’ll ease into the day with a glorious yoga practice, followed by a nourishing breakfast
prepared with love from ingredients harvested on the property. See yourself free
to enjoy your day however you choose, joining in for an adventure,
relaxing with a book by one of the pools, or perhaps a siesta.

Some of Our Corporate Clients Include:

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Stress-less Getaway Day Retreat with Lisa and Kimberly

July 27, 10 am – 4 pm Sol Healing Arts

Stress is part of life and we can’t make it go away. And as the heat turns up in Austin, do you find yourself becoming hot-headed or reactive? Wouldn’t you like to learn how to stay cool, even as stressful situations heat things up?

If you answered “yes!”, then our Stress-less Getaway Day Retreat is just for you!! Join us for a calming, cooling workshop that is close to home with a retreat feel. And you’ll leave with a plan to support real change in the way you deal with stress—so you can chill out—even in 100 degree plus weather!

Lisa and Kimberly stress solutions
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