Being Well Yoga brings Mindful Solutions to your Workplace.

Programs that introduce strategies for mindful, balanced living that employees can integrate into their lives, while meeting the demands of a professional lifestyle.

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The Mindful Work-From-Home Workplace


Provide employees with tools to enhance overall wellness and effectiveness while navigating a new way of working and living.

Peaceful Home Yoga Studio for Virtual Yoga Classes.

Programs include:​

Mindfulness Meditation: 20-30 minute sessions to help employees pause and re-focus and re-balance during stressful times.

Mindful Yoga: 30-60 minute sessions to help employees release tension and stress through movement and breathwork.

Mindful Mornings and Evenings: 45-minute interactive session that provides tools to establish healthy habits to begin and end the day with, to support their well-being during the day.

Mindful Boundaries: 45-minutes interactive session that provides tools to establish boundaries and work/life balance.

Home Office Stress Management Strategies: 45-minute interactive session that provides strategies for managing stress throughout the day.

Develop a Home Meditation Practice: 45-minute interactive session to cultivate a meditation practices that hones focus, creativity, productivity or whatever you would like to enhance during the workday.

The New Normal: 45-minute interactive session that covers present-day challenges, and how to mindfully navigate them.

The Mindful Staycation: 45-minute interactive session about the role and value of taking time off, and ideas to feel like you have taken a vacation even if actual travel is restricted.