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Being Well Yoga offers workshops that utilize Yoga concepts to enhance your effectiveness in all areas of your life. Our workshop series launched May 7, 2011 with Yoga and Authentic Communication in the Workplace and was a big success! Marketing and Communication for Yoga Teachers is a key part of Teacher Training. Yoga for Communication has been presented at the Austin Yoga Conference as well as at various Austin companies. Come see how Yoga can help you become more effective both on and off the mat!

Yoga for Stress Management
Yoga for Effective Communication
Yoga for Effective Communication
Yoga and Compassionate Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Yoga and Heart-Centered Goal Setting
Marketing and Communication for Yoga Teachers
The Wealth of Your Health
A Week of Being Well

A Sigh of Relief: Yoga for Stress Management

stress management workshop with lisa feder

Stress is a fact of life and we can’t make it go away. We can, however, develop strategies for dealing with stress. Relaxation alone is not enough. We also need to develop insight into our mental patterns and help change our conditioned responses. Yoga and mindfulness meditation are wonderful tools for dealing with and even “be-friending” stress. Learn how to identify your stressors and your stress response so that you can gain perspective to make some positive changes from the inside out. In this workshop we will: Define stress, note common stressors and the effects of stress on the mind and the body. We will also identify your specific stressors so you can manage them before they manage you.

Learn simple techniques to reduce and manage stress—Yoga movement, breathwork and other mindfulness practices.

You will leave with a toolbox that will always be with you when you need it.

So let out a big sigh of relief; help is on the way!

To register for this workshop at Studio Mantra on January 16th go here.

To schedule this, or another of our workshops, please contact us.

New Year’s Stress Solution

With Lisa Feder And Kimberly Wharton

We had a great time at the Stress Solutions workshop. If you missed it, stay tuned for the next one…

Un-managed and mis-managed stress can affect your health, work and relationships.

Embrace this New Year with Lisa Feder and Kimberly Wharton for a full day of relaxation and stress reduction. Through gentle and nurturing practice, thoughtful discussion and mindfulness exercises, you will leave with strategies to meet any challenges the New Year Brings.

That’s What They Said

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