Yesterday, around mid-day, I got the call.  A teacher was sick, another was out of town, and a class starting in about an hour was missing a teacher.  Could I teach this class, downtown, starting in a little less than an hour?  This is what has come to be known (lovingly and jokingly) in my house as a “Yoga Emergency”.  I get a call, and if I am able and available, I stop what I’m doing, grab my mat, and off I go.  I LOVE a good Yoga emergency for so many reasons:  1. I get to teach a Yoga class, one of my favorite things to do.  2. I feel like I am really helping out; my being there is making a difference, one of my favorite feelings.  3.  It reinforces the fact that I have a flexible schedule, built around doing something I have a great passion for, and that is a new feeling which is feeling more and more authentic each day.   My kids just love the juxtaposition of the words “Yoga” and “Emergency” together, and I like the concept too.  We can (and often do) envision a more dramatic scenario, like in a Marvel comics superhero movie  ( a really good one, like Spiderman or IronMan).  The Yoga “batphone” rings, as the red button flashes on and off.  Since it’s a Yoga Bat phone, the ring tone is probably more like a chime or a gong, and the flashing light is a soft violet or indigo  color to represent the 6th chakra at the third eye point.  I don my SuperYogini cape, which of course, is a Yoga mat, cinched with a Yoga strap around my shoulders, wrapped in a way to maintain optimal spinal alignment while flying.  And off I go, in my Yoga BatMobile, which can successfully out-maneuver  traffic on both Mopac and I-35, even during ACL or UT football game.

Of course, one is never just sitting around waiting for the next Yoga Emergency.  That is why it is so magical when it all comes together.  When the call came yesterday, I was on my way to practice with one of my favorite teachers and then have lunch with a friend.  It took only a moment to tune in and make the decision to switch a few things around and handle the emergency.

Sometimes, I have to just let the Yoga batphone ring and go to bat voicemail.  Today I had to do that–another call came in, but I’ve got to take Zoe to a class.  In 3 years, when she can drive herself to class, I can answer that call; but for now I accept that I help when I can, and when I can’t, I try not to take on guilt that it all didn’t work out.  Just another part of accepting and letting go.

Did I save the world?  Of course not.  Is this whole story a little silly, perhaps?  Why, yes it is.  But, I made a small difference and it made my day too.

So, what’s your “yoga emergency”?  What is the unexpected, last minute assist  you can provide when asked, imagi?  I encourage to think about it, and answer the call.  You will get back even more than you give!

The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all.  ~Leo Rosten

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