Ahh, Austin!  This is a town that can delight and surprise you at every turn.  I find myself having lunch with peacocks, and navigating through packs of deer.  On some days, Austin hums with a whimsical creativity that permeates just about everything.  Today seems to be one of those days.  I continue to move forward as a “full time Yoga professional” and it seems to fit better each today.  Following my class today, I spent so much time talking with a student that I ran out of “work time” in the window I had allotted.  So, I headed to the next item on my list…downtown for free Yoga in the Park at Republic Square, a decidedly “Austin” thing to do.  I was  a little early, as I hadn’t stopped to “work” and it was a glorious day, so I headed over to spiral my way up the hill at Butler park.  When I got there, I saw a piano on top of the hill, vividly painted with an inviting Play me, I’m yours message, as well as other uplifting messages.  I walked over, and tapped a few keys, then a few more–it was really very fun!  I glanced out at the Austin skyline, then up to the clear blue sky, then back to the piano.  A perfect moment.  A moment that I would have completely missed if I had rushed out of class to work, then to Yoga at the last minute.

I’m finding that my ideas about time management are doing a beautiful execution of Sirsasana; that is, they are being completely turned upside down.  And I feel the way I do in Sirsasana–alert, exhilirated, and a little precarious.  That’s one of the reasons to practice Sirsasana, and one of the reasons to re-evaluated what constitutes “time well spent”.  During this time of exploration, expansion and synchronicity, I will allow myself to open to the possibilities of an evolving day instead of a structured day.  I have my classes, which provide me with plenty of structure; you know (barring the very very unforeseen) I would never be late to a class.  And I still have my “to do” list, although the list is a lot more fun than it used to be.

So, I’m finding a new normal.  Or maybe no normal at all.  And I’ve been quoting Deepak again (don’t worry I will find someone else to quote for the next blog) as I lead classes this week through Sarvangasana and watch my students feel that same exhiliaration as they change their perspective by going upside down–it’s wonderful as the posture if often accompanied by deep sighs, some laughs, and today, a “yay” from a student who got it!

“The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone.  It requires no force or effort or sacrifice.  It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal”  –Deepak Chopra

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