Recalculating…”in about a half a mile, trust yourself”


How well do you trust yourself?  For me, a lot of my Yoga practice is about returning to myself, free of expectations, roles and conditioning, so that I can trust my “true Self”.  With a capital S.  Which is a rather big challenge after 51 years of being bombarded with messages from friends, family and the media about what is best for me.

I think most of us would agree, we want to trust ourselves.  And it is hard to do.  As mentioned, we get a lot of “input”
about what is best for us, so we often get confused or overwhelmed by that information.  So that’s one challenge.

Here’s another.

On vacation last week, I came face-to-face (or more accurately, screen-to-screen) with another challenge to our Self-trust, that I believe is a great danger and will continue to threaten and erode our ability to trust ourselves.  Yes, you guessed it…technology, and in this case, technology in the form of a GPS.  Technology is wonderful and empowers us in many ways.  But my vacation experience revealed a disempowering aspect as well.

We were on our way to Santa Fe, our “happy place”.  A place we return to year after year–my husband and I have probably been there 20 times over the past almost 25 years. We chose to drive rather than fly, for a number of reasons.  At just 10 hours away by car, it is not a big deal.  And it’s a drive we have made several times before, although usually in the winter through some pretty fierce snowstorms.  So a summer trip was really no big deal.

PictureAs you might imagine, having taken this trip several times before, we knew where we were going. Really no need to map it out–Austin to Abiline to Lubbock to Santa Rose to Clines Corners to Santa Fe.  You may know a better way, or prefer the faster roads to El Paso and up, but we have “our” way to our “happy place”, so let’s just keep it simple.

As soon as we get out of Austin, my husband  sets up his phone with the route mapped out and sets it on the dash.  It looks a little off, so I take out my phone and input our destination on my phone as well.  Of course my phone shows a different way.  “Discussions” ensue.  Turns out his map had us going through Roswell, adding quite a few miles.  So we “relax” and stick to our regular route.  His phone loses its signal and at each turn we begin to wonder if we are going the right way.  My phone continues to encourage us along, then loses it’s signal too.  Spoiler alert–we know where we are going and don’t need either phone to tell us!!

The phones and their GPS’s have created a question about a route we’ve known for many years.  Instead of trusting ourselves and our experience, we are seeking an outside source of confirmation — a third party to tell us that we are making the right choices. The GPS has not made this journey for many years…the GPS doesn’t care that Santa Fe is our happy place.  The GPS hasn’t looked out the window at miles and miles of wind farms.  The GPS doesn’t play the alphabet game.  And yet.  We question.

So, what do you think?  Are you handing over your trust to your favorite devices?  How can you use tools to empower you, without losing your trust in yourself?  How can we continue to hone our trust, our intuition, even when it seems it can be done for us?  This is just one aspect of how technology will affect us, but it was so clear to me on this trip.

I’m recommitting to trusting myself. Want to join me?  Let me know your ideas on how we can all do this!

We made it!

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