Lisa Feder

It was a bit of a journey to get here. When I was a young girl, I loved movement; I did gymnastics, ballet and jazz and dreamed of being a dancer. Or a librarian; I loved to read. So what happened when I grew up? I went to college, got a BA in Spanish and MBA with a concentration in Marketing, and spent the next 25 years working for large companies in marketing and strategic planning. I had a great career, filled with stress and challenge. I always, always, taught some kind of physical fitness class on the side. Aerobics (complete with leg warmers and headset microphone!), Pilates and personal training. Then, seeking balance, I found Yoga.

And so it was. Teaching a class before or after work, putting in a full workday and then dinner with my growing family, and a little more work before falling into bed. I was always seeking balance, and never quite grasping it. I did eventually leave my corporate job, yet still split my time between teaching Yoga and marketing consulting. I got to see how a lot of different companies worked. Once, observing a heated meeting I remarked to my client, “You folks could use some Yoga.” And that started me thinking…

I was aware that the Yoga was changing me. I lost my temper less. I weathered storms at work without drama. I worked toward solutions, rather than worrying about who was right and who was wrong. I was also seeing changes in my students—more vibrant health, less stress, more joy.

So I finally took the leap and started Being Well Yoga. I still love teaching at Yoga studios, and I know we can create change by taking Yoga into the workplace. I love watching what happens when a workplace implements a regular Yoga class program. The employees come in visibly wearing the stress of the day, and leave with a new perspective, recharged and reconnected. It’s awesome.

I bring all my years of business experience to the party. I understand company culture and what will work in different offices. We have a select group of teachers with a variety of styles—we can match the teacher with the specific needs of the company. And I bring over 30 years of fitness to the table as well. I hold a 500–hour Hatha Yoga certification, and a 200-hour Kundalini certification. I’ve had the good fortune to study with the experts in various areas—I studied Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller, Chakras with Anodea Judith, and alignment with Donna Farhi. I’ve taught over 2,500 Yoga classes in all types of environments.

You have probably gleaned that I absolutely love teaching Yoga. So what do I do when I’m not teaching?  Don’t laugh, but when I’m not teaching, I’m often on the mat in a Yoga studio, taking a Yoga class from one of the many teachers that I love. But I’m not ALL Yoga, really. I love to travel and fulfilled a dream of traveling in India last year. I am also still an avid reader—and I especially love memoirs, and really well-crafted fiction—think Middlesex, Life of Pi, and Bel Canto-and I still love to dance—the gymnastic days are over, though, I assure you. You might find me in the kitchen with my daughter, perfecting cookie recipes or changing recipes to make them healthier, more delicious, or just a little more unique. Here in Austin—the hiking is great and accessible, so you are likely to find me hiking on Bull Creek or at Wild Basin Trail. All this activity makes me tired, so I see a lot of movies with my husband and try to stay awake!

I’d love to tell you more, and find out about how I can help you…Let’s Talk!