How It Works

What is really needed to drive productivity and wellness within companies? Lots of programs address one aspect or another of these issues, yet rarely do these programs really effect change over the long term; often they just seem to add tasks or tracking that employees and their managers must do.

We believe that healthy employees are productive employees. We also know that easy to administer wellness programs are critical for companies to bring this benefit to employees. And, employees need an easy and convenient way to take care of themselves that doesn’t take too much time out of their day.

Yoga has been shown to help employees manage stress and:

Increase focus and mental clarity
Lower fatigue
Release tension in the body and mind
Reduce blood pressure
Increase strength and flexibility
Develop a general feeling of well-being

That’s why Being Well Yoga brings on-site programs that are:

Easy to implement and administer
Convenient and motivating to employees
Time efficient for employees to take care of themselves
Flexible and customized for your company culture

Job stress carries a price tag of over $300 billion a year for U.S. companies. Being Well Yoga is committed to teaching employees how to manage stress and to lowering related expenses for companies. We do this through on-site Yoga classes, Lunch and Learn Information Sessions and “mini-mindfulness-moments”. Through these programs, appropriate for all fitness levels, employees enjoy the benefits of being healthier, which in turn supports productivity and reduces health care costs.

We understand… and can help make the process easy to implement and comfortable for employees to attend.

To get a general idea, check out How to Start an On-site Yoga Program. This will answer a few questions, and get you thinking about how this might work at your organization.

The next step is for us to have a conversation so we can understand your needs and design a custom program for you. We will talk about all of the elements involved and figure out a way to work together to make it easy and simple.

So whether you are ready to begin right away, or still have a lot of questions, we invite you to reach out and request a conversation.

Learn More About Our Corporate Programs Including: On-Site Yoga, Lunch & Learn Sessions and Mindfulness Coaching.