It’s been over a month since my last blog.  Why so long?  It’s not for lack of “blog ideas”, I have hundreds every day,  I am busy, but not too busy to blog.  My schedule is variable–some days I literally teach from sun-up to sun-down, and some days I teach just a class or two and spend the rest of the day managing my yogic and family “administrative” stuff.  I have time to teach and time to practice.  I awaken at 5 so that I have time to set up for the day with a walk and meditation.  I have hundreds of thoughts and ideas for blogs each day.  Actually, I have hundred of thoughts and ideas of all kinds each day.  So many, in fact that I don’t seem to develop any single one of them.  At at the end of each day, I really don’t know what I have done all day, only that I’ve been in constant motion and productivity.  In practice I always advise students to just let their thoughts float by, without becoming attached to any single one of them.  In this way, we notice our thoughts but do not get confused and think that we are our thoughts.  Yet these days I find myself just wanting to attach to any single thought and see where it takes me.

It has taken me a little while, but I think I know what is going on.  A classic case of information overload.  This summer I did in-depth study with Donna Farhi and Seane Corn, within a week of each other.  Then, a couple of weeks later I began a 50 hour course on Pranayama and Meditation at Yoga Yoga, which included a mind-blowing weekend with Chase Bossart.  At the same time, my class load began to increase.   So here I am, with all of these new ideas and concepts swirling around my brain and body, and , because I am teaching so much, I do not have time to really process any of it.  Instead I superficially grasp a few aspects of some teaching from the summer and build a class with it.  And I am becoming confused!  I realize that my learning curve has quickly led me up to the edge of a cliff.  And so I peer over and I am, frankly, a little freaked out!  So…

Okay.  I actually wrote what you just read over a month ago.  And I left it unfinished and unpublished.  Since that time, not much has changed, except that I topped all of the above with the planning of a celebration weekend–the Bat Mitzvah of my daughter which took a great deal of planning and emotional energy–all good.  Well, that is behind me now (it went by too fast of course) and now…

It’s time to just breathe.  And regroup.  And sort  and sift until some of the ideas rise to the top.  So, in the words of everyone’s favorite action hero-turned governor. “I’ll be back”  (soon!)

In the meantime, if you have had similar experiences on your path…please share.  Would love to hear from you.

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