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La Dolce Vita: Keeping life sweet, even after retreat

Just over a week ago, I was in Tuscany. When I looked out of my open window, this is what I saw. This is where I taught and practiced Yoga throughout the week. And this was lunch.     Yes, life on La Dolce Vita retreat was pretty sweet. When I am leading a retreat, I am typically in a
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5 Reasons I Love Retreats

While there are many, many reasons to take time to reconnect with yourself, here are 5 of my favorites. I just returned from a glorious week in Guatemala on retreat. I led the retreat with my beautiful friend and Gratitude Sister, Janice Samuelson, and we got to witness the amazing-ness that happens when a group of people take a leap
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One Step at a Time: Wisdom from a Hike in Joshua Tree

If I had to choose my favorite element, it would be earth. I connect with it, especially when hiking—feet on the ground, my body mixed with the great expanses of sand and dirt dotted by brush and trees. The awe of the majesty, power, and beauty of the mountains. Joshua Tree has all this for me. When I’m there, I
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Contemplating India 2017

I use the word “process” a lot lately.  I use it as both a noun and a verb.  I talk a lot, especially in my Yoga classes, about “the process” or “it’s a process” to communicate that most things are not an “endpoint” but a series of steps.  These “steps” could be anything—thoughts, discussions, activities, practices, interactions, conflicts, journeys, moments—anything. 
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On Sunday, as storms were pounding down on Texas, I spoke to my mother, who lives in Houston. She said that the house was still miraculously dry, however the street was flooded. The water would rise during heavy portions of rain, and then somewhat recede during a break or a period of lighter rain. Then, with the next heavy rain,
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Balancing Acts. Finding stability amidst life’s ups and downs

A balanced life.  What does it mean to you?  This week I’m giving a lunch seminar at a tech company called “Balance Mind and Body”, so I’ve been thinking about this. Balance is often confused with steadiness or everything in equal parts.  Really it is an ebb and flow of highs and lows, excitement and boredom, activity and stillness, social
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