While there are many, many reasons to take time to reconnect with yourself, here are 5 of my favorites.

I just returned from a glorious week in Guatemala on retreat. I led the retreat with my beautiful friend and Gratitude Sister, Janice Samuelson, and we got to witness the amazing-ness that happens when a group of people take a leap of faith, get on a plane, go somewhere they have never been, and open to the possibilities of the week. I love thinking about retreats, going away on retreat, talking about retreats, and leading retreats. What’s not to love? Complete freedom and relaxation, and nourishment for the body and soul. My husband Seth got to go on this one—his first ever Yoga retreat. In the opening circle, where we were sharing our reasons for retreating he said he just wanted to see what was so “life changing”. He used air quotes when he said “life changing” to indicate some skepticism, and we all laughed. But truly, it’s no joke, retreats are life changing. Yes, you can make wonderful changes to your life when you step away from your daily habits and practices for just a week.

While it’s hard to choose just a few, here are my top 5 reasons that retreats are simply the best:

1. You get out of the driver’s seat.

When you are on retreat, everything is simply available to you. Yoga. Meals. Activities.Time for yourself. Time with others. It’s all there for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else do the planning for you?

2. You get to spend time in natural beauty.

There are many different retreat sites, but they are all in beautiful, serene places. It is such a relief to step away from highways and traffic, tall buildings, big box stores and other manufactured environments. Even after just a day in a new, natural environment, you start to feel refreshed.

3. Delicious, nutritious meals, made for you.

What if, three times a day, a beautiful, wholesome meal appeared and all you had to do was sit down and enjoy the bounty? No planning, no shopping, no cooking. Yep, that happens each day on retreat.

4. Daily Yoga practices on site that you don’t have to fit into your schedule, because your schedule is wide open.

I know many people who want to practice Yoga more often, but simply can’t seem to find the time. Well, on retreat, there’s all the time in the world, and you can enjoy leisurely Yoga practices every day, once or twice a day. And then you get to see how strong, flexible and mindful you are after a week of that!

5. You make new friends—with others and yourself.

I love watching participants come in to retreat as strangers and leave as life-long friends. Something happens when you open up, release ego and expectations and connect to people in an authentic way. That includes yourself, too. When you feel like you haven’t had time for yourself, a retreat is a great way to re-connect, and get to know and love yourself again.

There are a lot more reasons, but those are top of mind for me right now. Thinking about a retreat? Let’s talk!

Lisa Feder, founder of Being Well Yoga, loves teaching Yoga and Mindfulness anywhere—studios, offices, and the rainforest!  Her company, Being Well Yoga, brings Yoga on-site to the workplace so employees can work well and be well.


  1. Seth Feder-Reply
    March 15, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    I decided to become vegetarian as a result, so I will now remove air quotes when describing retreats as life changing.

  2. March 27, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Thanks for sharing! And for the delicious food you are making coming out of this!

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