Be Well.
Work Well.

Enhance Your Overall Well-Being Through Yoga

A healthy balance. That feeling of being well. You want to bring these things back into your life. Yet, with your busy schedule, and the endless demands you have on your time, it’s hard to make healthy choices and take care of yourself. We get it.

You need to hit the “pause” button and reconnect to yourself on a level that brings you some calm perspective and allows to you just take a deep breath. Then you can begin to let go of habits that keep you from this balance and begin to incorporate those that actually enhance your well-being.

That’s where Being Well Yoga comes in. Our classes and programs help you find focus, manage stress and improve your flexibility and strength. This leads to more ease in the body and the mind, so that you can be more effective–in all aspects of your life.

Work Well
Corporate & On-Site Yoga

On-Site Classes

Yoga at your place makes wellness easy and convenient.

You know a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. You see the toll that stress takes on the health of your company, emotionally and financially. What can you do to create change? You need on-site solutions that are easy to implement, highly effective, and budget conscious. Let Being Well Yoga come to your office to de-stress, rebalance and recharge you and your workforce.

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Easy to digest information session on all things wellness.

You want to be up-to-date on the latest in wellness trends, but there is too much information out there and no time to separate fact from fiction. You need simple, easy to digest information on topics like stress management and mindful nutrition, that are on-site and convenient. This is a win-win in multi-tasking. Your employees sit down to a healthy lunch and learn strategies to improve their well-being.

Be Well
Public Classes, Private Sessions, Workshops, and Retreats

Public Classes

Practice in community.

Take a Yoga class with Lisa to find balance and calm. Sunday through Thursday, at various Austin studios.

Private Sessions

Refine your practice.

New to Yoga?  Want to deepen your practice? Try a private session for your specific needs.

Workshops & Retreats

Take some time for yourself.

Take some time for yourself to bring back balance and learn strategies for being well.

Upcoming Events

with Lisa Feder & Kimberly Wharton

Saturday, January 14th, 10:30am-5:00pm

Yoga Yoga Westlake

Stress is a part of life and we can’t make it go away. It affects each of us in different ways. And we know, all too well, that if we don’t manage stress, then it can wreak havoc on all aspects of our well-being. Un-managed and mismanaged stress can affect your health, work and relationships. Yet, we often don’t know how to get out of the stress cycle that never seems to end.

Wouldn’t you like to start the year with tools and a plan to support real change in the way you deal with stress?

Embrace this New Year with Lisa Feder and Kimberly Wharton for a full day of relaxation and stress reduction. Through gentle and nurturing practice, thoughtful discussion and mindfulness exercises, you will leave with strategies to meet any challenges the New Year brings.

This course will cover the following content:

Gentle Hatha, restorative and nidra practices
Mindful Eating
Massage Ball Techniques
Instant Stress Busters
Time For Self Reflection

No experience needed and all students are welcome. Open to men and women, all ages and abilities. Bring your mat and a journal. A delicious lunch from the Natural Epicurean is included.

Cost: $175

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